Being in a Production




All members of Gresham High School Theatre Productions are required to maintain the academic and disciplinary standards as outlined in the Gresham High School Student Handbook. Failure to maintain the outlined standards, regardless of whether or not those standards are directly applied to theatre, may result in removal from the current production or any future productions or theatre events.

The Theatre Arts department philosophy is when being involved with extra curricular activities Health, Family, and Academics come first before any activity. However we hold our students responsible when they make a commitment to follow through with their obligations. When students volunteer to be involved with a production on stage or backstage by auditioning or interviewing for a position they are making a commitment to all who are involved in the Theatre production. When a student does not fulfill their obligations others have to do their job and work harder to make up for their absence and the production suffers.  Also after a student has been trained in an area it may be a safety issue to have a last minute replacement. We rely on the students to follow through with their duties so that everyone involved can have a safe and productive experience.



Auditions for Gresham High School Theater productions are open to any Gresham High School student who meets both the academic and disciplinary standards of Gresham High School. All Auditions are CLOSED. No one other than Theater Staff and the persons to audition are permitted in the room. Persons who are “called-back” and/or “CAST” will be placed on the Theater Bulletin Board, located outside Mrs. Dempsey’s office in the lobby and the GHS Website. The Gresham High School shows are never pre-cast and each student, regardless of age, experience, or academic schedule, will be afforded equal opportunity to try-out for parts.


A schedule will be set and posted on the website and bulletin board. Rehearsal times are Monday – Friday from 3:00 to 6:30. The schedule will indicate when specific roles or choral groups need to be at rehearsal. During this time, leads may have rehearsal 4 to 5 times a week and smaller roles and choral groups may only have rehearsals 3 or more times a week. It will all depend on the needs of their role. Also, to provide time to do a complete run through, or work on particularly difficult scenes there may be rehearsals on Fridays when school is out. A rehearsal schedule will be kept on the website. The schedule is always subject to change, and changes will be posted via website and posted on the bulletin board at school by Monday morning.


Saturday Work Parties

It is a part of the obligation of being in a production and a requirement for all cast and crew to attend Saturday work parties. Students create skills and friendships and a sense of accomplishment and pride when they are involved with the creation of the production. They also create a significant connection with adults learning skills and developing their talents. All parents are encouraged to attend and participate. There are several great reasons for you and your child to attend these Saturdays including creating great friendships, memories and life time skills.


Production Week Rehearsals
Rehearsals during Production Week are runs of the show and/or dress rehearsals. Rehearsals during production week can sometimes start right after school and go until 10:30 p.m. No student may miss any part of any of these rehearsals or may face removal from the show.


Rehearsal Standards
Students must wear appropriate attire for rehearsals and work parties. Students must have clothes and shoes (no open-toed shoes or sandals should be worn at rehearsal or work party ever) that allow them to move and work onstage and will keep them warm in the cold theater. Students MUST turn off all cell phones during rehearsals, work parties, techs, dresses, performances, and strikes. Students are not to be talking on or using their cell phones during the rehearsal, work party or performance time-period. All students are required to be on time for rehearsals and work parties. Please limit contacting students for emergencies only during rehearsals and performances.


Production Absences

All time conflicts given to directors before casting will not be considered as absences and student will be cast based on this information. Student will also have one excused absence but no unexcused absences for both rehearsals and Saturday work parties. Emergencies, illnesses and extenuating circumstances will be considered at the discretion of the director. A conflict sheet will be available at the audition and crew interviews for students to list conflicts. Any conflicts not listed on the conflict form will not be recognized. Students are required to attend a full day of school to be allowed to rehearse or perform. Prearranged excused absences for doctor or dentist appointments are allowed however discouraged on days of a performance.


All members of Gresham High School Theatre production are required to participate in strike. Parents are encouraged to come to the Strike.

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