Crew Descriptions

Department Heads

Assistant Director
Stage Manager
Master Carpenter
Assistant Scenic Designer
Prop Master
Head of Rigging
Assistant Lighting Designer
Master Electrician
Lighting Console Operator
Audio Designer
Sound Operator
Scenic  Artist
Scenic Charge Artist
Head of Special Projects
Assistant Choreographer
Assistant Costume Designer
Makeup Artist
House Manager


General Crew Descriptions



The creative crew will create the set, props, costumes and details to the production. Some will hang, focus and gel lights and set up sound equipment and hang microphones. Some will produce the marketing by creating, posting, mailing and selling tickets, posters and programs. Others will Dutchman, paint base and scenic details for production. Still others will create accessories and costume pieces and organize the costume shop. They will work during Saturday work parties 8:30am-5pm and some evenings 6:30pm-10pm before the show. Students will be given an hour for lunch between 12-12:30. The Creative Crew will earn 25 incentive points an hour as well as Thespian points. Crews must be on time and stay for work parties and need to sign in and out with assistant director.

  • Construction
  • Properties
  • Publicity
  • Sound
  • Lights
  • Scenic Artists
  • Paint Crew
  • Costumes



Production Crews will be working backstage and be responsible for the running of the production and all operational procedures. Some crews will put set pieces or props on and off stage while others will help with quick costume changes. Some will play sound effects and run microphones and others will create lighting effects. It is their responsibility to keep the set, props, costumes and technical equipment in production order. The production crew will work the week before we open 6:30 during Run Throughs, dress rehearsals and performances. Run Throughs begin the week before dress rehearsals and are after school till 6:30pm, dress rehearsals and performances are in the evening 5pm till 10pm. These crews are to wear black clothes and shoes during every dress rehearsal and performance. The Production Crew will earn 200 incentive points as well as Thespian points.

  • Stage Crew    
  • Light Crew
  • Sound Crew
  • Prop Crew



The Running Crew will be working to make sure the actors, audience and auditorium are ready for production. They will be cleaning and organizing before and after each production the green rooms, dressing rooms, lobby and house. It is their responsibility to set up and organize the dressing rooms, costumes and makeup. The running crew will only work during dress rehearsals and performances.

  • Wardrobe crew
  • House Crew
  • Makeup Crew


Crews Descriptions



Construction Crew will tackle the majority of the construction of the set, and will most likely also be members of the stage crew. Construction crew must be trained and certified on equipment before building. The technical director and construction managers will supervise projects such as building stairs, platforms and flats. You will be measuring, drilling and cutting wood and constructing projects during Saturday work parties. We will expect you to stay on task, use self-motivation, keep your area clean and take care of and return equipment. You are encouraged to bring your own tools and tool belt but take tools home after work party is finished.

Times Needed:       

  • All Saturday Work Parties
  • Monday & Wednesday Evenings



The Stage Crew works during performances and is responsible for setting up and changing set pieces such as furniture, and flying in and out any scenery. Also responsible for operating special effects, and repairing damaged set pieces, or scenery. You will dress and set up the stage and take down set the nights of production. You will also set up and organize prop tables every night making sure all props are set and ready for actors to take on stage.

Times Needed:

  • Run Throughs
  • Technical Rehearsals
  • Dress Rehearsals
  • All performances



Responsible for finding, creating, buying and acquiring all set pieces, hand and stage props. Researching, organizing and storing all props until production. You will monitor rehearsals to see prop changes and additions.

Times Needed:  

  • All Saturday Work Parties
  •  Run Throughs
  • Technical Rehearsals
  •  Dress Rehearsals
  • All performances



Paint crew will Dutchman, paint base and stage and pit floors for production. Signs and set pieces may also need to be painted. We will expect you to stay on task, use self-motivation, keep your area clean and take care of and return equipment. Cleaning and washing your brushes is an important aspect to your job. Clean brushes in janitor closet only do not keep rollers throw away after use.

Times Needed:        

  • All Saturday Work Parties
  • Some Evenings



Scenic Artist will be in charge of designing and creating artistic pieces such as paintings, trees, and rocks as production needs arise. Cleaning and washing your brushes is an important aspect to your job.

Times Needed:      

  • All Saturday Work Parties
  • Some Evenings



This crew put up posters and flyers advertising the show They also takes on the task of getting local businesses to contribute to the production in return for an advertisement in the program. They help create, post and mail posters and flyers as well as and sell tickets.

Times Needed:            

  • Some After School Times
  • Saturday Work Parties



Utility crew will hang gel and focus lights. You will also be inventorying and organizing the light room. You will also buy gels and lamps for lights. You must be trained and certified with a harness to be in the catwalk.

Students will patch and run the light board. Run spotlights, lighting, fog or special effects as needed.

Times needed:

  • All Saturday Work Parties
  • Some Evenings
  • Technical Rehearsals
  • Dress Rehearsals
  • All Performances



Utility crew will set up sound equipment and hang microphones. Researching sound styles and time periods collecting appropriate CDs and sound effects for production. Install phone or door bell soundboards as needed. Students will record and Burn CD’s for production. You will inventory and organize sound booth and sound equipment. You must be trained and certified with a harness to be in the catwalk.

Checking microphones and cords as well as be in charge of setting batteries in body microphones during production. Play sound effects, overture, intermission music and any background effects. Setting EQ and microphones settings as well as monitors and speakers.

Times needed:

  • All Saturday Work Parties
  • Some Evening Weekends
  • Technical Rehearsals
  • Dress Rehearsals
  • All Performances



Costume crew creates accessories and costume pieces and organizes the costume shop. Students will be working with Costume Designers and parent volunteers decorating the costume pieces and creating the accessories, ironing and hand sewing.

Times needed:         

  • Saturday Work Parties
  • Some After School Times


Wardrobe Crew will organize and clean costume shop setting up for production by labeling and collating costumes. They will set up and take down the mirrors, costume racks and make up areas before and after production. They also will be expected to keep the dressing rooms and green rooms organized and clean.

Times needed:                  

  • Dress Rehearsals and Performances



Make up crew will collect makeup items, set up makeup areas as well as apply makeup on actors as needed. During production these crews will create make-up effects and will be requested to aid with hair and a costume as the need arises.

Times needed:                  

  • Last Dress Rehearsal and Performances



Ushers will be in charge of representing the theater department to the public. They are to clean and organize the lobby, bathrooms and the house. They are to wear black and white dresses or slacks and be professional at all times. They are responsible for taking tickets, giving out programs and getting people to their seats promptly and controlling the crowd during intermissions, and before or after performances.

Times needed: 

  • Last Dress Rehearsal and Performances      

Crews Procedures



Students apply for crew by filling out an application form and interviewing with a student Department Head. There will be sign-up sheets on the bulletin board for interviews. Students are encouraged to apply for crew positions even if student does not have any experience or skills in that area. All that is needed is an interest in being involved and a commitment to the production. Department Heads apply for positions by interviewing with Director and Technical director. Students applying for a Department Head should have previous experience on that crew. Department Heads should bring an application form to the interview. Directors and Department Heads will appoint students based on their conflict sheet and application form. Students must know their conflicts before applying for a crew position because once they are appointed they can only have one excused absence.



Missing all or part of any Work Party student has committed to is to be avoided and only prearranged excused absences are to be considered. Missing Run Throughs, Dress Rehearsals and Performances are strictly prohibited and only extreme circumstances will be considered. There is one excused absence and no unexcused absences for both rehearsals and work parties. Emergencies, illnesses and extenuating circumstances will be considered at the discretion of the director. All time conflicts given to directors before casting will not be considered as absences and student will be appointed based on this information. Students are required to attend a full day of school to be allowed to attend rehearsals or performances. Prearranged excused absences for doctor or dentist appointments are allowed on rehearsal days however discouraged especially on days of a performance. An unexcused absence will automatically dismiss student from position and student will lose the incentive and thespian points. A student dismissed from a position will significantly impinge on their opportunity to participate in the future.

Students must pay a $60 Activities fee by Dress Rehearsal!


Saturday work parties are where the students will be creating the production aspects of the show. Parents are encouraged to accompany their child and participate in the creation of the production. Students are required to check in and out with the assistant directors. There will be adequate supervision of students during the day however the directors cannot assume responsibility for student’s actions once they leave the school campus before, during, or after the work parties. Students will be working with department heads, assistant directors, parent volunteers and production associates, the technical director and the director. Students may have the opportunity to go with parent volunteers or student managers to go on errands such as posting posters, gathering props or supplies. If the student cannot go in student or parent volunteer’s vehicle please state so on crew contract. In case of emergency parents will be contacted immediately and first aide will be applied.



Students will earn passing grades, attend school and be in good academic standing to qualify for crew position. Students are expected to make school their priority and need to do their homework before participating at the work parties. Student will not be able to attend work parties, rehearsals and performances if student is not passing all of their classes. It is the student and parent’s responsibility to inform director if student is not passing their classes or if the student has attendance issues. Student will not use or abuse any illegal substance, tobacco or alcohol throughout the rehearsal and performance period. THIS IS A NO TOLERANCE SCHOOL POLICY. Students and parents will sign a contract agreeing to our policy.

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