Lettering in Drama

It is an honor and a great show of our personal accomplishments to receive a letter at Gresham High School Drama Department. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to letter in Drama, but these things are outweighed by the fun you will have while earning our letter. The following is a list of the requirements for lettering.


1.       Two years of drama and one year of stagecraft or two years of stagecraft and one year of drama.

2.       Participate in three full-length productions or a combination of one acts, murder mystery dessert theatre and full length shows.

3.       Must have 30 thespian points (300 hours).

4.       Complete or participate at three of the following:

        League Exploration Day

        Improvisation Tournament

        District Acting Competition

        District One-Act Competition

        Regional Acting Competition

        State Conference

5.       Participate in two fund-raisers or community service projects.

6.       Participate in a backstage position.

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