Thespian Troupe 1732

Gresham High School

Thespian Troupe #1732


Thespian membership is granted for the outstanding work in Theater Arts. Specifically, students become members by earning points for the hours of work contributed to their Theatre Arts department. Any student who has participated in at least two productions and for a total of 100 hours of work is eligible for membership.

At the end of every year there is a formal ceremony where members are inducted into the International Thespian Society. Only Thespians may attend this ceremony. This initiation is an honor and a tribute to the quality work that the student has contributed. To be inducted and to receive a membership card and a subscription to a renowned Theatre Arts magazine and to be eligible for Theatre Arts scholarships there is a one-time fee that is sent to the International Thespian Society.


The International Thespian Society was organized for the purpose of advancing the standards of excellence in Theatre Arts in the secondary schools, and to honor those students who have done outstanding work in school Theatre Arts programs. The society is a service as well an honorary organization that stresses continued participation in the arts as a means of widening the student’s and the community’s cultural horizons.


  • Will be recognized in an invitation-only induction ceremony where you will receive your membership certificate

  • Will be recognized at the Associate Awards as a member of our Thespian Troupe

  • Will receive a membership card, a monthly national magazine

  • Your name will be posted on the official ITS online list

  • May attend Thespian Initiation

  • Will have voting rights for Council and Associate Awards

  • May run for the Theatre Arts Council

  • Eligible for scholarships through Oregon Thespians and ITS

  • Eligible for leadership positions in Oregon Thespians and ITS

  • Attend Thespian Festivals, Regional Acting Competition, and State Conference at a reduced cost

For more information see Oregon Thespian Website:

For more information see International Thespian Website:

Thespian Initiation!

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is the honor society for High school Theatre students. Membership is granted for the performance of meritorious work in Theatre Arts that meets the Society’s general guidelines.

  • Inductees must earn 10 points, 5 of which should be awarded for work done at the school where he or she will be inducted.
  • A one-time induction fee of $25.00 due before initiation.
  • Induction points should be earned in at least two of the listed categories, for example, acting and production.

  • Induction points should be earned through participation in at least two full-length productions, or one full-length and two one-acts, or four one-acts.

  • A Thespian moving to another affiliated school is entitled to transfer his or her membership. Transferring Thespians bring a minimum of 10 points with them to the new school.

  • Students may earn up to 5 points toward induction through participation in community, children’s, or professional theatre; or in other activities in the performing arts. They may earn additional points after induction at the troupe director’s discretion and upon knowledge or verification of participation.

  • Thespian membership will be made available on an equitable basis to all students who qualify. No student will be elected into the Society. No student will be denied membership if he or she has accumulated the required 10 points and has fulfilled all membership requirements.

  • Eligible students are invited to join the International Thespian Society. Students should be informed of the cost of the one-time induction fee and date/site of the induction ceremony.
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