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Every Gresham High School parent
"plays a part" in our productions!


Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to be a part of the magic of our theatre??? Whatever your interests, we have a volunteer job for you!!! Work with the director in any of the following areas either as a Coordinator or an Assistant.

When you become an adult volunteer and share your skills and time you enrich young people’s lives. Every adult has something valuable to offer and your time and effort is needed and appreciated! The success of every Gresham High School show relies heavily on contributions made by our parents. Whether it is sewing costumes, gathering props, painting or building sets, applying an actor’s makeup, running errands, working the ticket booth or helping in the lobby, we count on every parent to play a part. Our productions would not happen without the wonderful volunteers!

Volunteering is also a good way to bond with your own child and help set them on a path towards a fulfilling cultured life. We’re confident you’ll find the experience to be rewarding and fulfilling, and your efforts will help build a better future for everyone.

Family Fun!! You are invited to be a part of the excitement!

LIGHTING: help students hang and focus instruments, drop color into frames, help repair lighting instruments that need new electrical plugs, and more.

SOUND: help with students microphone and sound equipment set up and execution during production

HOUSE MANAGEMENT/BOX OFFICE: getting ushers and ticket takers for each production night, selling tickets and refreshments any night of a production, potential to help coordinate student matinees.

PUBLICITY/MARKETING: anything from creating to printing to hanging up posters to working on the program and tickets to soliciting businesses to purchase ads in our program.

Sign up now by contacting

Sara Dempsey (Theatre Arts Director)


Or call and leave a message: 503-674-5516


Volunteer Application



SCENERY: build, and create the scenery. Help Supervise students with tools and organization of lumber. Rigging, Hanging, Lifting and Organization of Set Pieces.

PAINT: Paint Scenery. Prime and paint large set pieces.


SCENIC PAINT: Artistic painting set pieces and or props.

PROPS: borrow, find, buy, or create any or all of the hand held properties.

COSTUMES: organizing, renting, borrowing, finding, buying, and/or sewing costumes.

MAKE UP/HAIR: organize supplies needed for make up or hair, apply make up, or style hair for an actor or the cast.

CONCESSIONS: Set up lobby with refreshments for patrons and sell them during intermission.

CHILD WRANGLER: be available during rehearsals and/or performances to engage younger actors in activities in an alternate space while they wait for their time on stage. They are needed for shows with younger children and parents of those younger children usually take turns as the two wranglers needed for each rehearsal and performance.

OTHER: If you have another skill and would like to help, please contact the Theatre Director.

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