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With the beginning of the GHS drama production comes questions... lots and lots of questions! We hope to answer your all questions at the parent meeting on September 19th ant the parent meeting. However here are a few answers to questions you may have before auditions. If your question is not on this page, feel free to email Sara Dempsey and she will do his best to answer it!



  • My child would like to audition for a non-singing role, do they still need to sing a song?
  • My child got sick on the day of Auditions. Is there a way to make it up?
  • What is the Typical Rehearsal Schedule?
  • What if my child misses a rehearsal? Are they at risk of getting kicked out of the show?
  • What are the Saturday Work Parties and should I get involved? What will I do?
  • How can I get involved? What do I need to do?




My child wants to audition for a non-singing role, do they still have to sing a song?

The simple answer is yes! First off, we expect that a quality actor or actress can demonstrate their ability to act, even if they struggle with a song. Therefore, every student auditioning is REQUIRED to sing at the audition. Students who are called back will have the opportunity to read lines for various parts.


My child got sick during the audition days. Is there any way for he/she to make it up?

Unfortunately, once auditions are over, there are no make-ups. With over 100 students auditioning, it is not fair to those who can make their audition to make special accommodations for those who don't. However, if a student is sick, we will work with the student to include them in the play, whether they serve in the chorus, stage crew, or some other capacity.


What is the typical rehearsal schedule?

For the first two months September and October rehearsals will be four to five days a week from 3:00 to 6:30. A schedule will be set and posted on the website. Updates and changes will be made weekly on Sunday evenings. The schedule will indicate when specific roles or choral groups need to be at rehearsal. During this time, leads will have rehearsal 4 to 5 times a week, depending on what parts of the show we are doing. Smaller roles and choral groups may only have rehearsals 3 or more times a week. Also, to provide time to do a complete run through, or work on particularly difficult scenes we will start holding rehearsals all day on Fridays during October when school is out. Again, a rehearsal schedule will be kept on the website. The schedule is always subject to change, and changes will be posted via website and posted on the bulletin board at school.

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What happens if my son/daughter misses a rehearsal? Are they at risk of getting kicked out of the show? And what about illness?

This is often times a very sensitive subject, but yes, there are a few circumstances under which we would ask your son or daughter to not take part in the play because of attendance.

First, every student is asked to fill out a conflict sheet before rehearsals even begin. For the first two months of rehearsals (September & October), we will accept any conflict listed on this sheet as an excused absence. However, if a student misses more than one rehearsal without an excuse, we must ask that student to leave the production. If a student is sick, we expect the student/parent to email Sara Dempsey regarding the absence, and it will be considered excused. This is especially important if the student leaves school early because his or her name will not be on the attendance list.

Second, we tell all participants that no matter what conflicts they had during the first two months of rehearsals, once November 1st rolls around, the other commitments need to go away. Any student who misses rehearsals after November 1st may face one of several consequences: 1) The student may be pulled from scenes as we perfect production numbers, dance numbers, and other smaller speaking roles, 2) The student may have his or her part cut or given to another student, or 3) The student may be asked to leave the show all together.

Again, the x-factor in all of this is illness and family emergencies. We never want to take away a student's ability to be in the show once he/she has been cast, so we will always work with the student if illness is a problem. However, we cannot promise that a part will not be cut down if someone is sick. Inevitably, the show must go on.


What are the Saturday Work Parties? Why should my child and I get involved?

The weeks before a production the cast, crew, parents and associates spend Saturdays and some evenings creating sets, props and costumes. We also distribute posters, create publicity events and fund raise to help support our productions. It is a part of the obligation of being in a production and a requirement for all cast and crew to attend Saturday work parties. Students create skills and friendships and a sense of accomplishment and pride when they are involved with the creation of the production. They are also create a significant connection with adults learning skills and developing their talents. All parents are encouraged to attend and participate. There are several great reasons for you and your child to attend these Saturdays including creating great friendships, memories and life time skills.

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How can I get involved? What do I need to do?

All parents, alumni and community members are welcome and encouraged to get involved. There are so many areas where you can contribute. When you become an adult volunteer and share your skills and time you enrich young people's lives. Every adult has something valuable to offer and your time and effort is needed and appreciated. The success of every GHS show relies heavily on contributions made by our volunteers. Please contact Sara Dempsey at or call 503-674-5516. All volunteers will need to fill out district clearance form on line.

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